Prophylaxis - professional tooth cleaning and dental care

In Cologne, we like to have a clean laugh!

For a radiant smile from Cologne and a healthy radiant appearance, beautiful teeth are not enough. Most importantly, the gums have to be healthy and tight as well.

The dental team at the KLINIK am RING attaches great importance to your well-being and wants to help you in the prevention (prophylaxis) against diseases in the mouth.

Regular professional dental cleaning

zahnreinigung_koelnThis includes in dentistry regular professional dental cleaning, which is far more than the mere removal of stains.

Specially trained staff will instruct you in the right type of home care. They can recommend the appropriate dental care to and practice with you in handling brushing, flossing, etc.

Bacteria containing soft (plaque) and deposits deep below the gum line (calculus) that is responsible for the development of caries and Parodontitis periodontal disease are removed gently. Then everything is thoroughly polished and lacquered with a fluoride solution to prevent tooth decay.

Individual examination to determine the maintenance interval

The initial examination of the pocket’s depth, degree of inflammation, and the risk of caries is necessary to determine the interval of your treatments. The teeth are not only clean after a professional tooth cleaning, but also feel noticeably smoother.

With regular preventive care, you will finally have that radiant Cologne smile.

We are happy to help!