Orthodontics - fixed and removable dental braces


So you can have a powerful bite for the rest of your life

Early detection, prevention, and timely treatment can often save you a lengthy orthodontic therapy. Since crooked teeth and jaw anomalies are in fact not always birth defects, many deformities can be prevented. For example, preventive measures include the weaning of prolonged pacifier or sucking the baby-bottle in the infant stage with small removable treatment devices.

Orthodontics does not only serve aesthetics

zahnspange_koelnOrthodontics is not only concerned with aesthetic problems but in many casers it also prevents other  health problems. For example, correcting teeth and jaws that do structurally not harmonize, helps to avoid stress on the jaw joints  or prevents tension in the jaw muscles that could otherwise trigger headaches. in the jaw musclesas a result of teeth and jaws that do not match.

For children, a first orthodontic examination can be conducted at a very early stage, usually age four. A real age limit for orthodontic treatment does not exist since it is based on the size of the deformity.

Initial orthodontic examination

An initial examination will decide the actual need for an orthodontic treatment. If needed, the examination is supplemented by an x-ray and impressions of the jawbone are taken to produce a situation model. After that treatment can be planned and a decision for or against an orthodontic therapy will be possible.

Tooth alignment correction for children

If necessary – interceptive treatment correcting the position of the teeth (orthodontics for children) will take place already during childhood by using small removable treatment appliances (like braces). The existing growth process of the body also affects the success of orthodontic treatment and is simultaneously controlled and supported by it. Most orthodontic treatments, however, that is if no serious malocclusions are present, are started at age 10 or 11. In this time window an intense growth spurt of the body develops, which can be used advantageously in orthodontic treatment. The treatment can be carried out either by removable or fixed appliances / braces. What kinds of the braces are used depends on each individual situation.

Tooth alignment correction for adults

In no way are orthodontic therapies just for children and adolescents. Adults can of course also be treated orthodontically, both for cosmetic and functional reasons.

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