Microscopic Root Canal Treatment

Save your teeth with the dental operating microscope
(Endodontic Therapy)

Our dentist Dr. med. dent. Björn Kascha MSc. specializes in root canal treatments (endodontics) and operates at the highest level of quality that is usually only possible with the aid of the dental operating microscope. His dental treatment is designed to retain your teeth.

Why a root canal treatment?

mikroskopische wurzelbehandlung koelnIn a root canal treatment, the objective is to specifically detect bacteria that might cause an inflammation and thereby destroy the tooth. In the past, once the root of a tooth was infected, it could not be rescued. Today the microscopic procedure allows the treatment at a 20 times magnification of the finely branched and intricate root canal system. After the main channels are cleaned of debris and dead cell material, the endodontist will find the delicate microscopic side channels surrounding the tooth root and eliminate bacteria seated there.

Following this cleaning procedures, the endodontist closes and seals hollows in the root canal system with an inert root filling bacteria-tight by under microscope control. After this treatment, only in rare case, can bacteria invade again and cause a re-infection.

mikroskopische zahnwurzelbehandlungWhile in the past, the success rate of conventional root canal fillings, for example in the posterior region were only about 50 to 70 percent, today, thanks to this innovative method, the success rate is higher than 90 percent. The rescue already-lost teeth can save a tooth loss.

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