Implantology and Prosthetics

How many bridges do you have to cross - or would'nt just ondental implan be better?

Dental implants offer not only perfect functionality but have other imortant advantages. They protect, for example, the substance of their neighboring tooth because they do not have to be ground down for a bridge, and they maintain their stability since they do not have to take over the function of the lost tooth.

zahn_implantat_koelnImplants keep your jaw bones intact and healthy

The main advantage is that implants help to keep the jawbone healthy and intact. Only if chewing forces are introduced into the jawbone, it will be included in the natural order and reconstruction processes of the body. If these forces are lacking due to loss of a tooth or wearing bridges or dentures, the bone continuously breaks down, similar to a periodontal disease, just without inflammation.

If teeth are lost at an early stage, they can be implanted into the jaw bone after careful diagnosis of the entire masticatory system by inserting implants (artificial roots).

With good care, implants usually last a lifetime

The goal of implant dentistry has always been, to copy nature. This goal is closer than ever. Thanks to the latest technologies and materials, implants are modeled by copying nature either in functionality or in aesthetics. The "root,” which is firmly anchored in the jaw bone, the patient does not have to accept any restrictions as far as eating habits are concerned. Most importantly, visually, perfected implant constructions are not different from "real" teeth. With good care,  implants generally last a lifetime.

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