Aesthetic/Cosmetic Dentistry

Fine feathers make fine birds – teeth make fine faces

Zähne machen GesichterThis saying does not only refer to how a person is dressed. A person with a bright, healthy, friendly smile is assumed to likewise have a healthy friendly attitude. The proverb still reflects our own attitude - beautiful clothes or an eye-catching appearance make a person appear beautiful or impressive.

In many cases, just a few small aesthetic corrections of the teeth can affect a huge positive change.

Thanks to modern high-tech hybrid plastics, these procedures are applied invisibly utilizing a particular layer method and minimally invasive techniques.

Dental Veneers

Another method routinely used by us at the dental KLINIK am RING is the application of super-thin shells of ceramic (porcelain veneers). These veneers are applied with the latest adhesive technology; they make large and small imperfections a nuisance of the past.

Ceramic inlays or hybrid plastics

Also in the area of the posterior teeth, invisible and unobtrusive ceramic, specially fitted laboratory-made inlay fillings (porcelain inlays) can now be glued on in place of the gray-silver amalgam fillings. Depending on the size of the defect hybrid plastics that are almost invisible, can also be used as filler material.

Bleaching, cleaning, and whitening teeth

Our experienced dental hygienists and assistants can gently remove discoloration of the teeth caused by various foods and beverages in a professional teeth-cleaning session. Permanent discoloration can be removed with different methods like lightening (bleaching), so that nothing stands in the way of a radiant smile.

We will inform you comprehensively about all the possible options.