Sabine Herbricht, DDS


"Together with you, I enjoy developing a concept targeting your oral health, implementing it, and after all the work is done, assist you in maintaining the results."





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Hubert Musiol, DDS


"I love working with a large team because by working together, we save time and we can be relaxes while treating our patients. we can treat our patients saving time. The perfect interaction between the patients and my colleagues allows us to perform complex treatments in the most thorough and competent manner.

With careful and gentle methods, we help you realize your desire for a beautiful smile with healthy teeth. “



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Sepideh Farahani, M.D., DDS


„I love the connection between medical and artistic work - a motivational combination that enables me to create a carefree, bright smile for my patients.“






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Björn Kascha, M.D., DDS


„My passion is Endodontics - the key discipline in dentistry. Edodontics is concerned with eliminating pain and restoring teeth that were long believed to have been lost. These are the primary responsibilities of dentistry.

Preserving teeth is my highest maxim!"





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Alexander Hadjianghelou, DDS